Each of us have a unique constitution.
Acupuncture meets kids in their specific 
state and stage of development.

Which is why it's such powerful medicine for kids!

Physiologically, adolescent bodies are experiencing tremendous growth and transformation.  Mentally/emotionally, adolescents are juggling increased responsibilities, pressures, and stress which can often feel overwhelming, isolating, and confusing.  Spiritually, kids at this age are often asking themselves big questions about who they are and how they fit into the world.  Asian Medicine recognizes that the physical, mental, and spiritual are deeply integrated and interrelated within the whole of an individual.    

Common complaints that I treat in adolescents include headaches, painful menses, muscular-skeletal pain, digestive issues, attention disorders, depression, and anxiety.  According to Asian Medicine, our body's symptoms are simply a way of communicating the need for adjustment.  

When we listen to the cues and make adjustments we discover what once was our weakness, opens into our strength. 


I treat adolescent acupuncture sessions as a form of rite of passage, empowering them to learn to direct their own health as they step into adulthood.  Sessions may last up to one hour and may include adjunct therapies such as nutritional counseling, lifestyle recommendations, cupping, moxa, and qi gong.  

Cost for appointments vary from $40-$80 depending on length of time spent.

Call for accurate pricing.

I have elected to not be a provider for any insurance plans, however, I am happy to provide you with diagnostic and procedure codes (as an out-of-network practitioner) that you can submit to your insurance company.